Pregnant tummy

15 Tips For Pregnancy

1. Laugh

As your hormones are all over the place, this can lead to high blood pressure. Guess what the best medicine is for that? Laughter! It will lower your blood pressure … which is good for both you and your baby.

2. Stay Relaxed

Stay relaxed and calm as much as you can; chilled mummies produce happier babies. Fact.

3. Save Your Pennies

Does your baby really mind what brand their pram is? Try borrowing wherever possible and keep those pennies for something else … maybe help with cooking/cleaning, etc.?

4. Don't Read

Don’t read too much; conflicting advice can be very confusing, it can play havoc with your own intuitions and can make you worry unnecessarily.

5. Fill the Freezer

…it will be one of the best ways to spend this time as you will be busy with a baby soon.
Pregnant tummy

6. Switch Off

…when friends try and tell you their birth stories!

7. Another Child?

If you have another sibling, it can help to write a letter explaining that you’ve gone to have the baby in case you have to leave in the night. A small present for the sibling from the baby can help too! (See my separate blog post on meeting a sibling.)

8. Talk to Your Bump

As early as 18 weeks, your baby can hear the outside world from the womb. Chat away whenever you can; even partners and other family members can too as these voices will be very familiar when your baby arrives. Also, play music as it can calm your baby when they hear it again out in the big new world!

9. Morning Sickness

Tests have shown that this helps you stick to a bland, boring diet and away from toxins which can also help your baby’s future. Researchers have a theory: “2 hormones which stimulate a woman to vomit also act like neural fertilisers to the brain, the more vomiting, the more fertiliser (“Brain Rules” by John Medina).

Pregnant tummy

10. Keep Appointments

It’s very easy to forget when you are pregnant, so put a note on the fridge or a reminder in your phone.

11. Moisturize Your Skin

You may feel your skin becoming itchy or dry as it stretches and grows. I used to add a few tablespoons of olive oil into my bath a couple of times a week (be careful getting out if the bath is slippy) and this really helped my skin stay soft … but also prevented stretchmarks incredibly!

12. Watch Calories

Try not to overeat if you aren’t hungry. Tempting as it is (since you don’t need to worry about how tight your jeans are!) you will thank yourself later.

As a general guide (you’ll hate me for this!):

  • 1st Trimester – no extra;
  • 2nd Trimester – 340 calories extra;
  • 3rd Trimester – 450 calories extra.

13. Hopes For the Birth

Have a think about your birth hopes and wishes, and be informed of any questions you may be asked at the time –  you don’t want to make any rash decisions in the heat of the moment.

14. Rest & Eat Healthily

Your baby’s sense of taste begins to form at 8 weeks, and research has shown that your diet during pregnancy can affect their dietary preferences after birth … and you will both benefit from the extra nutrients.

15. Don't Worry About More Love

You will love another addition to the family just as much as your first baby if this is a new sibling, I promise. You might be panicking, or be upset, that your love is so strong for your first baby; but you’ll be amazed at what happens


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