The Course

Baby's foot being massaged

What you will learn...

You will learn the ancient art of traditional Indian Massage which has been used since time began!

Your baby and you will LOVE it and it will very quickly become a part of your daily routine and a favourite and special time of the day.

After taking the course, you will be able to ...

Feel free to watch the Benefits of Massage video for more information, but you will just love the feeling knowing all the techniques you will learn and how they will make you feel! Some parents on my course kindly said the course had been life changing and I hope you will feel this when you have finished.

The Benefits of Baby Massage

How it works...

You will sign into a system called Thinkific, and there you will have 90 minutes worth of content that you can watch whenever you like – in your own home, when you and your baby are ready.

You can even watch some of the tutorials before your baby arrives as you can learn about the benefits, which oils to use, when and when not to.

It’s very relaxed, easy to follow, and I am massaging a real baby: my friend Innes.

You can dip in and out when you feel like it and the course is yours for life.

There is a certificate for you both at the end.

We work through the whole body in individual sections and I explain things fully before and during the videos.

What do you get?

How much?

The entire course is just £27.

Baby and I LOVED this course! It’s well put together, easy to follow, the content is interesting and at a good pace so we can follow along.

Also, it’s not too cheesy (like some other online courses we have tried, that have wanted me to switch off immediately ).

The perfect balance of relaxing, friendly and soothing.

Hettie is nearly 8 weeks old, and your course has really helped us to bond. I feel like we can help her now when she has colic, etc., rather than feel helpless.

A massive thanks, Hils.

Baby Hettie

Amelia Dowe

Reviewed on Thinkific

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