Baby at the Christmas tree

14 Tips For Christmas with a Baby


It isn’t always easy though, so here are a few tips I hope may help.

1. Watch Your Baby

Babies are so easily over stimulated and even watching presents being opened can be enough to overwhelm their little minds; let alone the noise, chaos and constant passing around for cuddles.

Keep an eye on their cues, rubbing eyes, gazing away, fretting, frowning, fidgety etc as it maybe they need a quiet space for a bit.

These are signs they need to sleep!

It’s so lovely to respect your baby, even if in your mind you want them there in that specific special moment, they don’t know that.

If you watch and act early, you can prevent an overload of the senses and they can have a wee nap; which will then make them happier carrying on their day, with fewer tears.

2. Save Your Pennies

Your little joy won’t remember all the presents they kindly received, and chances are they will be more interested in the wrapping!

Our most popular toy, by far, over the years of having our little babies was always a box of Maltesters!!!

It rattled, it had crinkly cellophane and the bonus being the adults enjoyed the contents!

Baby in a Santa hat

3. Be Gentle...

…with yourself and your baby.

Don’t put too much pressure on the day being perfect. Babies, as you know, are unpredictable.

Go with the flow, expect the unexpected and then anything else is a bonus.

4. Plan the Mealtime

Family will understand if you suggest a different time to eat if this fits better with your baby’s nap time.

5. Keep to Routines

Where possible try and keep to your baby’s normal routine and the day should be easier for them (and you!).

6. New Traditions

You are your own family now and so speak up if you’d like to do things differently, it’s always worth asking/suggesting.

7. Talk

Discuss Christmas with your family/friends and let them know what’s important to you so there’s less chance of you getting upset or disappointed if things don’t happen that you had hoped for.

8. Set Up a Baby Den

If you are not going to be in your own home try and plan where your baby may be able to have a quiet space to chill if they need a nap or some peace from the chaos (you may want that too!)

9. Chill and Share

If ever there was a time to sit back a bit and share the workload of Christmas this is your moment!

10. Shopping

Try and be as organised as possible in advance, having things bought and wrapped early will take the pressure off. Can you treat friends and family to a treatment or lunch locally and buy vouchers instead of getting stressed in shopping centres?

11. Father Christmas

If you have older children, it is a fantastic feeling to get everything ready for Santa coming as early as possible! I ended up in hospital with one of our children for nearly 4 days the week before Christmas (chest infection) and I never ever left things to the last minute from then on!

Mum and baby at Christmas

12. Be Honest

Ask family for help; to bring something; to be understanding that you haven’t had time to go shopping; that you are tired, emotional, super excited or however you are feeling (let’s face it the multitude of extra hormones are maybe still cascading around your body).

13. Enjoy What Will Be (or not be!)

Life can be perfect but can also be imperfect; learn to just go with the flow!

Don’t think too much ahead.

Try not to imagine a perfect scenario, due to lockdown and pandemic uncertainties we are all more used to and are better prepared for, change.

14. Enjoy

I truly hope you have a wonderful, special, and magical time.

Stay relaxed where possible and don’t give yourself some Superwoman/Superman expectations, we are real people!

Forget the perfect Insta moment, let’s face it how often are they true to real life?

Sit back and take Christmas for what it is.

Family all the way.


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