A Doula (pronounced doo-la) is a woman who uses her experience, training and compassion to support women (and their partners) before, during and after childbirth.

The aim of a Doula is to ensure pregnancy, birth and those special early days as a new family are a satisfying and happy experience for all.

They have knowledge of, experience in and passion about both the birth and new born babies and can help in a non medical role.

A Doula is trained to put her own feelings, biases and opinions aside when supporting others into motherhood. She will not lead you through childbirth; instead she shows you the tools to get you there by yourself.

They are there to listen, not judge and can be described as ‘A Mother to a Mother’.

There are many reasons why people hire Doulas; Maybe your family don’t live nearby, possibly your partner is away a lot on business, perhaps you already have children and need some extra help and support, maybe you are feeling daunted about becoming a parent….whatever the reason it has been proven that having a Doula really does help.