I meet so many lovely people while teaching my classes, and I am so thankful for the wonderful reviews I have been given. I'd like to share some of them with you here...

Where to begin? Hils and her classes are wonderful. So informal, relaxed and welcoming (both the classes and Hils!). I’ve attended the classes with both of my children, and we’ve all benefited from the time in the classes – the time to focus on mummy & baby time, and the time to form friendships and share thoughts, advice, stories. I massage both my children at home and they both adore it (my now 2 year old still asks for a massage).

As for Hils, well, truly one of a kind! Hils is one of these special people in this world who you’ll remember for your whole life, and who genuinely touches the lives of those she’s comes into contact with – so friendly, caring, gentle, supportive, Hils is exactly the type of person a tired mummy of a new little person wants to meet, Thank you for everything, Hils.xxxxxx

Sally Tait (via Facebook)

Definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to get out with their baby. Had a great time getting to bond with my little one and found it really chilled him out!
Hils is amazing with so much advice for you and your baby, not to mention her amazing baking skills!! 😋😋
Also a great way to meet other mummies, met some good friends and will defo keep in touch with them ❤️
Can’t wait to come back for the next session in May xxx

Bethany Santi (via Facebook)

Your classes were brilliant for me an Ezra! You gave me support and great advice for breastfeeding when I was having a really tough time. You made me feel great about picking up, cuddling and carrying my baby lots and lots! I got advice and massage tips to help his colic and it made him feel better so many times! The tummy massage I learned has been fantastic! We use it all the time and it really works. The class was such a lovely environment to be in, I always felt happier after I left. To get help with breastfeeding was an added bonus! Not to mention the cake! 🙂 Xxx

Cheryl Brydon (via Facebook)

Well I can’t praise the class high enough. Hils is lovely and an excellent teacher. My daughter had a gunky eye from birth which we were told could take up to a year to heal. I was advised by the doc and midwife that the duct or tube wasn’t fully formed and that her eye should be cleaned several times a day and if it became infected then eye drops would be prescribed, but they don’t like giving them when less than a year old. On week 4 of the course Hils taught us techniques on the face including one around the eye area. She said that this was known to help eye problems and she was right. The gunkiness became worse for the next 2 days then stopped completely. 2 weeks later and the eye is still perfectly clear. These techniques should be learned by all new parents!

Joanne Turner (via Facebook)

I went to baby massage with my third baby and this has been best baby class I’ve been to. So relaxed and very informative, Hils does an amazing job. Would recommend this class to all mummies! Thanks again Hils, we’re going to miss our Tuesday sessions x

Suzie Jacobs (via Facebook)