• What is the best age for baby massage?

    There isn’t really a best age for massage as it can be done from birth and so any age is a good age. It is recommended from 6 weeks but this is really so the mother has had time to recover from the birth and is feeling more like heading out and about.

    The techniques you learn have so many health benefits and so from a learning side the earlier the better even if your baby sleeps through some of the classes as you the parent can learn how to help your baby.

    Tiny babies can get overstimulated but they can be snuggled into you while you are pracitising and you can keep their clothes on if easier.

  • What do I need to bring?

    All you need to bring is your little joy and a towel – I provide everything else. There are warming facilities in all of my venues and so that’s not a problem.

  • What if my baby is crawling?

    Massage gets a bit trickier if your baby is crawling as it’s not so relaxing for you if you are having to chase them round the room! Saying that though, I have had a few 9 month old babies who were delighted to gaze up at mummy, have a chill and then would play with the basket of toys during coffee time!

    Do just contact me if you are concerned as we can always have a trial first week.

  • Will my baby be OK to come along as they don't like being undressed?

    At no point ever during the class do you have to undress your baby if you feel they won’t like it. Most parents do as the rooms are always warm, but you are welcome to massage over their clothes during class if you prefer – it’s not a problem.

  • What if my baby cries?

    Babies are babies and if they cry then that’s truly not a problem and will bother you far more than anyone else! If your baby cries while we are massaging (which rarely happens) then i would encourage you to pick them up and just snuggle them in and watch.

  • How much is the course?

    The 5 week course is £50 and includes a 50ml bottle of cold pressed grapeseed oil, weekly coffee and cake, laminated notes and a certificate of completion. I have tried to keep the class cost as low as is feasibly possible. I do have gift vouchers which can be given as presents so get hinting! There are soon to be some funded places available – contact me for more details.

  • How long are the classes?

    The classes last just over an hour. We spend the first half of the class massaging and the second half is coffee and chatting. Babies can easily become overstimulated and about 20 minutes is about enough for them usually.

  • What if my baby has eczema?

    Massage has many benefits and one of these can be helping with eczema.

    As stress is a common trigger of eczema, reducing stress through massage may help to relieve a flair up.

    I would advise that you use a lotion prescribed by your doctor as some oils can be irritating to your babies skin. Sometimes coconut oil can be used but check for allergies.

    A research study has shown decreased eczema symptoms in children whose normal moisturisers are massaged onto the body versus normal application.

  • Can I bring my twins along?

    I would be delighted to have some double joys in the class and, in fact, this year I have had lots of twins join courses. I am always over the moon to help and can massage one of the babies if you would like, or they can both be on changing mats in front of you. Do feel free to bring a friend, Granny or Auntie if you’d like, but if you could let me know in advance that would be kind (for class space and baking reasons!)

    There is only ever a charge for one baby.

  • My baby was premature. Am I still OK to do massage?

    Infant massage is wonderful for premature babies. All research has shown that babies who are routinely massaged in hospital will leave on average SIX days earlier and will put on 47% more weight DAILY than those babies who aren’t massaged! The USA did some research and calculated the country would save $4.7 billion if they massaged babies in hospital.

  • I would like to come along to the course but am struggling a bit financially, are there any concessions or free places available?

    I will soon be in the position to be able to offer some funded places which I’m so delighted about and have spent a few years trying to arrange. Do speak to your Midwife or Health Visitor about this.

  • I am going to have to miss a week of the course, can I catch up on what I will miss?

    If you have to miss a week for any reason then you are more than welcome to join in a class in either another town or on a future course. I will always try and arrange to meet you a bit earlier before a class where possible. The 5th week of the course is always a ‘going over’ and so there is always plenty time to catch up.

  • What is the earliest age I can bring a baby along to classes?

    This is a tricky one to answer. Massage can be done from birth and in fact, if done early enough can help prevent colic and constipation. What I have found over the years is mums who have come when there babies were tiny have come back and repeated the course a few months later when their baby is a bit bigger and more sociable.

    It really depends on you and your baby.

    If you are feeling ready to head out and about then it’s all good.

    I share quite a few ‘Doula’ tips on how to soothe a new baby and parents have found not only these helpful but have also benefited from meeting other new parents locally who can all share this time together.

  • Can fathers come along to classes?

    I decided last year to make the classes for mums only. There were an increasing number of fathers coming along to courses which was just lovely, but some mums found it slightly changed the dynamics of the class and they didn’t feel as comfortable discussing certain things and also breastfeeding.

    I can always arrange a ‘Dads Workshop’ if requested.

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